Isiah Thomas Also Disagrees With Scottie Pippen

by June 01, 2011

Zeke didn’t smack Pip down the way that Kareem did, but framed his argument around the salient point that it’s still a bit too early to compare LeBron’s career to Jordan’s. From ESPN: “[Isiah] Thomas, whose Piston teams beat Jordan’s Bulls three straight times before finally losing in 1991 as Jordan later claimed his first title, didn’t have as firm a stance as Abdul-Jabaar, but wouldn’t agree with Pippen’s comments either. ‘I think LeBron has a chance to eclipse Jordan if he continues to improve his game, but where they are right now, you still have to take Jordan as being the better player,’ Thomas said Tuesday night. ‘Now, six years from now, if LeBron continues to add different facets to his game, then maybe you can have that argument and you can have that debate. Right now, Jordan was such a complete player on both ends, he was a great foul shooter, he turned into a 3-point shooter, he had midrange game, he had low-post game, he was a lock-down defender and LeBron is getting to that in all those areas. Now, he hasn’t gotten there yet and we don’t know if he will get there. But if he does get there, he will probably only be equal to, I don’t know if he can ever be better.'”