Isiah Thomas is Filming a Basketball Movie

by November 05, 2012

Teaming up with filmmaker Robert Townsend, NBA legend Isiah Thomas is now making what sounds like a kids’ movie. Per the Detroit Free Press: “Isiah Thomas is going from playing basketball to coaching basketball to filming basketball. The former Pistons star and filmmaker Robert Townsend are collaborating on a new hoops film and were looking for young basketball players to star in it Sunday at American Airlines Arena in Miami. The film, called ‘Playin’ for Love,’ will center around a star player who transfers schools and ‘turns a coach’s life upside down,’ according to a report from NBC 6 in South Florida. More than 1,000 auditioned for a role in the film. ‘You’re trying to give them skills to develop and live with, you want this to be a life-changing moment, you want sport to be the catalyst to give them the thought to propel themselves to the next level in life,’ Thomas said.”