It’s A Wrap

By Khalid Salaam

It’s a small post today, only because we’re busy in the office and I’m too giddy to concentrate but let me say this: New Years Eve came a few weeks early. Today, it’s a celebration b*tches. The Billy King Era is over. Wow that felt good to write. The most inept GM in the L, bar none. I know you guys hate Isiah but BK was underrated in his terribleness, we’re still paying money Chris Webber and Aaron McKie after all. I only have a few dreams—to control a media conglomerate like Rupert Murdoch (minus the tabloid nonsense and right-wing mind control), to somehow convince Jada Pinkett to leave Will (and I like Will but I’m saying.) and for the Sixers (or Eagles) to win a championship. This is the 1st step.

BK was over his head from the get go and everyone knew it, especially rival GM’s. He hasn’t completed any trades in which we’ve come out on top, hasn’t drafted well since ’03, has over paid stiffs like Greg Buckner and has lost the confidence of everyone in the Sixer organization. And he has been amazing in his ability to look at the cameras and tell the fans that things are getting better. Lying to us as if we’re idiots. At least respect us enough to not say anything, even if you know you are prone to making bad decisions. Look how well that’s worked for Andy Reid.

I always refused to give him extra support because he was a black man, even if others did. If anything his tenure as GM was proof that racist business practices are on the way out because he should have been fired at least 2 years ago. He’d been hanging on, affirmative action-like, for too long. He had been getting over anyway. He’s like that family member who keeps getting in trouble with the law and everyone keeps saying he’s a good person he just needs guidance. And there’s that one uncle who just keeps it real and says the truth—dude is a loser and next time he gets locked up I’m not getting him out!! Well that’s me when it comes to BK. I’m the uncle. Uncle Kha. I’ve wanted this guy gone for a minute and the day is finally here. Good riddance. And to this day I can’t tell him and music exec L.A. Reid apart.