Jabari Parker Trying Not To Be ‘That Second Pick Bust’

by August 16, 2014

Bucks rookie Jabari Parker said on Saturday that he’s “trying not to be that second pick bust.” The expectations are high for Parker, who was selected second overall in this June’s Draft, but if his season at Duke and showing at Summer League are any indication, he’ll be far from a bust in the NBA. From PBT:

“There’s been a lot of second pick busts,” Parker said Saturday morning, at the grand opening of the redesigned Jordan space inside Nike Chicago. “I’m just trying not to be that bust. Everyday that I step on the court, I just remind myself that I have a long ways to go. If I want to be one of those guys in the first tier of the NBA, like a LeBron, like a Kobe, like a [Blake Griffin], then I have to have that mentality starting off from the ground, and work my way up.”