Jabari Parker’s Father Denies Reports That His Son Tanked Workout

by June 24, 2014

Reports surfaced yesterday that Jabari Parker may have intentionally performed poorly in front of Cavs coaches because he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland. Parker’s father says the rumors are unfounded. From the Chicago Tribune:

Sonny Parker called the persistent reports of Jabari’s weight gain “made up” and scoffed at an ESPN report that claimed Jabari purposely didn’t put his best foot forward for the Cavaliers because he hopes to play for the Bucks instead.


 “He would never do that,” Sonny Parker, an NBA first-round draft pick himself in 1976, said. “His character is different. He plays the same way regardless. He is very thankful to be in this situation. 


“I’m sure he likes certain teams over other teams, but whoever picks him, that’s where he’s going to go. When you’re picking a school, you can do that. Now he can’t control it.  He has too much character and respect and love for the game to tank so they won’t pick him. That is not him.”