Jamal Crawford Says Kanye West Was ‘In Awe’ Of Eddy Curry

Jamal Crawford joined Woj on the latest Vertical Podcast and told plenty of dope hoops stories shared memorable experiences that he’s had over his lifetime. In the interview, Woj asked Crawford about Eddy Curry, who was teammates with Jamal in Chicago and New York. Curry was an absolute star on the Chicago high school scene and Crawford said that when the two met Kanye West, who is also a Windy City native, Yeezy was “in awe” of the big man and that he “knew everything about him.”

More from The Vertical:

“Eddy was so, he was so gifted…We traded Elton Brand for him because he and Eddy weren’t going to be able to play together and Elton was a bonafide 20 and 10 guy who just won Rookie of the Year. Me and Eddy we went to the Vibe Awards, we were in L.A. on a trip, and Kanye West was there. A younger Kanye west, he was just producing mostly, he saw Eddy Curry and he was in awe. Like, he knew everything about him, he was like, looking up at him like, That’s Eddy!”  

Check the full interview here.

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