Jamal Crawford Wants to Play for the Blazers

by November 08, 2011

Assuming the money makes sense, it wouldn’t be very difficult for the Blazers to convince Jamal Crawford to join their team. He’s fully on board with the idea. From the Oregonian: “Free agent guard Jamal Crawford says he wants to come to Portland and he openly lobbied to do so at Aldridge’s charity event Sunday. Crawford, an 11-year professional from Seattle who averaged 14.2 points and 3.2 assists for the Atlanta Hawks last season, said the Blazers are like a ‘hometown’ team and his preferred destination. ‘I think I bring a little bit of everything,’ Crawford said. ‘Scoring, creating for other people, trying to make the game easier for my teammates. Whether it’s starting or coming off the bench, it doesn’t matter.’ Aldridge has publicly endorsed the Blazers adding Crawford and Crawford insists he would be a good fit on a roster that already includes Brandon Roy and Matthews at shooting guard. Crawford, who is close friends with Roy, said he has followed the Blazers closely over the years and he and Roy have even discussed playing together. The Blazers and then-GM Rich Cho tried to acquire Crawford at the trade deadline last season. ‘Every game I wasn’t playing in Atlanta, I was watching (the Blazers) because of Brandon,’ Crawford said. ‘That’s one of my best friends. And LaMarcus, the way he emerged; I just think they’re a team on the rise.'”