Jamal Crawford Mulling Offer from Turkish Team

Jamal Crawford and his agent confirm that Turkey is definitely an option during the NBA lockout (and a bunch of other players say overseas play isn’t out of the question.) SI reports: [Aaron] Goodwin said free agent Jamal Crawford has serious interest from two teams and is contemplating an offer from a Turkish club, though he wouldn’t specify which one. It remains to be seen how wiling teams will be to offer the D-Will clause. ‘So far in the conversations for Jamal Crawford, teams have shown [both a] reluctance and a willingness to have that clause in there,’ Goodwin said. ‘Obviously, we would never pursue it without a clause being in there where the player can opt out.’ A league source said [Andre] Iguodala also is considering an overseas offer. Evans told SI.com that he would think about the option depending on how long the lockout lasts. Ditto for DeRozan, who spoke for so many of his colleagues when asked how he sees that potential opportunity. ‘It’s definitely a consideration,’ the Compton native said. ‘Basketball is what I do.'”