James Harden Says 2017 Rockets Are ‘Similar’ to 2012 Thunder

James Harden sees plenty of similarities between this year’s Rockets and the 2012 Thunder team that went to the NBA Finals.

In an interview with VICE, Harden said that Houston have the same “talent and versatility,” adding that the Rockets are “by far” the best since his arrival.

Even though they have yet to take the floor, in our interview he referred to this year’s team as “by far” the Rockets’ best since his arrival in Houston five years ago.


He was even willing to compare it to his Oklahoma City Thunder squad that made the Finals back in 2012.


“Both teams are similar as far as talent and versatility, a mixture of vets and young guys. Both are very, very, very talented,” Harden said.


“Now, obviously, the difference is we were younger back then, but both are good.”

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