James Harden Already Recruiting Other Stars to Join Him in Houston

by December 06, 2012

James Harden, unquestionably, is “the man” in Houston. But he has come to the very quick realization that he can’t do it all alone — Harden says that he is actively recruiting other star NBA players to join him on the Rockets. Per KGOW in Houston (via SRI): “Have there been any challenges going from Sixth Man of the Year last year into an every-night starter? ‘It’s a lot different. Coming off the bench with authority and then having a lot more opportunity, having a lot more shots and the ball in my hands a lot more, so it’s something I’m still trying to get used to and adjusted to, but it feels good.’ As a top player now do you recruit players to come play in Houston with you? ‘Of course. I’ve been starting that recruiting process. One player is not going to win a championship. Nowadays you need two or maybe more. I’ve definitely started the recruiting process. We need more guys to come over here, so we can win. For right now we are going to stick with the players we have and try to run with that.'”