James Harden ‘Definitely’ Wants His Career To End in Houston

by October 18, 2015

James Harden has seen his career blossom in Houston, and the superstar guard said that he “definitely” would like to retire as a Rocket.

The true test of Harden’s declared allegiance will come in 2018, when his contract expires. If the Rockets stagnate or regress, Harden could easily head for greener pastures.

From the Houston Chronicle:

As for where it will all end, Harden did not entertain a thought of changing anything. Comfortable as he is in the spotlight, he showed no signs of a pull from Hollywood for a return to his native Los Angeles.


He had little reason to want to want to change. Signed through the 2017-18 season, when asked if he intends to play the rest of his career in Houston, Harden did not hesitate.


“Definitely,” Harden said. “Definitely it’s going to end here.”