James Harden Initially Thought Point Guard Role Was ‘Crazy’

Critics laughed when Mike D’Antoni gave James Harden point guard duties at the beginning of the season, but those cackles quickly died down.

The Beard thought his new coach was nuts for entrusting him with such a heavy playmaking burden, but he’s playing the best ball of his career.

Harden is putting up mind-bending numbers—28.9 points, a career-high 11.9 assists and 8.3 rebounds—for a resurgent Houston Rockets squad.

Per Bleacher Report:

Hey, James, I think you should become a point guard. […] “I thought he was crazy,” says Harden, who earned his stardom at shooting guard.


You know, James, you could be the second player ever to lead the league in points and assists. […] “Once again, I thought he was crazy,” Harden says wryly.


“People always ask, ‘You traded for him; did you know he was this good?'” (GM Daryl) Morey says. “I’m like, ‘F–k no!’ I mean, we thought he was extremely good and better than other teams probably did.”

James Harden Says He’s The Best Player and Point Guard In The League