James Harden: ‘Last Season Wasn’t Great at All’

Houston has the best team chemistry of any Rockets squad James Harden has played on, according the All-Star shooting guard.

Harden is extremely disappointed in how last season went, and is determined to spearhead a turnaround in 2016-17.

The 27-year-old, $118-million man says the entire summer was dedicated to training.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

“It’s not even close,” Harden said of the mentality heading into camp compared to last season. “We’ve doing something I haven’t since I’ve been here in Houston. Just trying to shake things up, just trying to make sure we really know each other in and out on and off the court. I think that will translate to a better team.”


“This entire summer I thought about last season, how there was a terrible taste in my mouth,” Harden said. “I wanted to come back, get the guys together. I wanted to get the guys together, in Vegas in mid-July and in Miami (last month) just to hang out. I think the better you are off the court, the better you will be on the court. Just worked out with the guys, went to a concert, had dinner with the guys. It’s going to carry over to the court. This summer is really a team bonding thing.”


I’ve been training all summer,” Harden said. “Last season wasn’t great at all. It was very disappointing. I don’t want to let that happen two years in a row. I’ve been in the gym working out to get my mind, body and soul right.”

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