James Harden Says He’s a Top-10 NBA Player

by September 27, 2013

Kevin Durant opened up a can of worms this week by stating that James Harden is one of the L’s 10 best players (and, thereby, better than Dwyane Wade.) Harden, as one might expect, certainly doesn’t disagree with his friend and ex-teammate’s ranking. Per CSN Houston: “(Thursday) at Toyota Center, I asked both Dwight Howard and Harden himself for their take on the spat and where Harden belongs in the hierarchy of NBA elite. Both of them thought it was a legitimate beef – not some prank or fabricated debate to spur interest in any product or themselves. Harden’s response: ‘That’s how KD felt. He felt that way.’ Q: How do you feel? Are you a top10 player? Harden: ‘For sure. For sure. Last year, I had a chance to prove it. Kind of broke out of my shell a little bit.’ Howard’s response: ‘I think it’s real. What I told James is, stay away from it. We do our talking on the floor. We’ll play both those teams, and when we do, show them who’s the best shooting guard in the world.’ Q: What do you think? Do you think he’s a top 10 player? Howard: ‘No doubt. He has the ability to be one of the best shooting guards to ever play the game.'”