Jared Dudley ‘Not Optimistic’ About Extension from Suns

by September 08, 2010

Dudley does not expect his employer to re-up his current deal, thereby setting up to become a restricted free agent next summer. From the AZ Republic: “Dudley is eligible for a contract extension through October but the Suns might let him become a restricted free agent after making long-term commitments to Childress and Turkoglu. ‘It would be nice,’ Dudley said of an extension. ‘I’m not optimistic. My mindset is to go out and play my last year and go as far as we can. At the end of the year, I know if we win, I’m going to have a good year. I do a pretty good job of keeping healthy. My goal is to come out and have a better year than last year and have the team better. When a team is successful, everybody usually does pretty well. Look at Channing (Frye). $30 million. Tell him (to) let me get a little bit of that.'”