Jared Sullinger Vows to Return to Ohio State

Forgive us if we’re a bit skeptical of the projected top-5 draft pick’s word at this point. From ESPN: “Sitting in the Ohio State locker room following the top-seeded Buckeyes’ 62-60 loss to Kentucky, the freshman said he would not be entering his name for the NBA draft and would return for his sophomore season. ‘I’m going to be an Ohio State Buckeye next year,’ he said. ‘This isn’t why I came here, to come in here and see my seniors in here crying. I came here to win a national championship.’ Plenty of people make pledges in the rubble of an emotional loss only to change their mind later, when the sting and suddenness of the season fades and the promise of the NBA looms. Sullinger, who had 21 points and 16 rebounds in his final game of the season, insists that won’t happen. ‘I’m a man of my word,’ Sullinger said. ‘I don’t change my word and no one changes it for me. This is what I want.'”