Jarrett Jack Says Sleeved Jerseys Should Be Tailored To Each Player

by March 16, 2014

Plenty of NBA players have had something or another to say about the sleeved uniforms they’ve had to wear this year, and now Cavs guard Jarrett Jack can be added to that list. Jack says the NBA should customize the jerseys to tailor-fit each player. Via The Plain Dealer

Jack remembers feeling off on his shot when he wore the jerseys with Golden State.

“Performance-wise, at times, under the arms, it felt a little snug on you,” he admitted.

Jack made a good point that sleeves are going to fit many players differently. James is 6-feet-8, and Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant is 6-9, but their arms have a slightly different circumference.

“What if they both put on 2XL,” Jack posited. “It’s going to be baggy on KD, but it’s going to be skintight on Bron’s arms.”

That’s why Jack has a suggestion for anyone listening in the NBA’s merchandising department: Get individual player measurements and tailor the sleeved jerseys to each player.

It seems as if that would be a hefty undertaking, but Jack counters that if the league already has provided some players with tighter jerseys (see Houston’s Dwight Howard), it wouldn’t be that much of a leap to tailor jerseys to each player.

“It wouldn’t take long,” he said. “If you went and got everybody’s measurements, it’d take five minutes. And you made those jerseys specific to everybody’s exact needs, it’d save everyone headaches.”