Jason Kidd Says Bucks Players Need To ‘Think About Being a Team’

by January 18, 2018
jason kidd bucks

Jason Kidd said the Bucks dug themselves a hole by making selfish plays in Milwaukee’s 101-106 loss to the Heat on Wednesday.

Kidd added that his players are just “kids” who need to “think about being a team” (starting at 0:38):

“I think when you become 25, or in the 28 range, you tend to think about the game.


“We’re talking about kids that are trying to put the ball in the basket. And they all believe they can do it.


“Until we can think about being a team and making a play and being unselfish, good things happen. When we’re selfish, we’re as bad as anybody in the League.


“There’s no coaching, there’s nothing that you can do but go through it and learn.”

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