Jason Kidd Says Lonzo Ball Comparison Is ‘A Stretch’

by November 09, 2017
jason kidd lonzo ball comparison stretch

Jason Kidd thinks that comparing Lonzo Ball to him is “a stretch”… for now at least.

While guesting on ESPN’s First Take, Kidd said that Lonzo needs time to understand what it takes to “play hard” and “win at the highest level” (starting at 1:33):

What attributes would a player need to be compared to your game?


Kidd: “I think the first thing is does someone play hard for 48 minutes, and are you willing to do anything to win.


“And so far it’s still early in his career, and as someone said earlier, it’s a stretch. He has to understand what it means to play hard and what it means to win, and how to win at the highest level. And it takes time.


“In three years, hopefully there’s a better comparison, but right now it’s a stretch and he has a way to go.”

Through their first 11 games, however, Kidd and Ball’s numbers look pretty similar. Also via First Take:

jason kidd lonzo ball comparison stretch

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