Jason Kidd Thinks Carmelo Anthony and Dirk Nowitzki are ‘Very Similar’

by October 03, 2012

Jason Kidd sees many similarities between former teammate Dirk Nowitzki and his new running partner, Carmelo Anthony. Kidd is also hoping to help Anthony get over the championship hump the way Nowitzki did. Per ZagsBlog: “Kidd and Nowitzki won an NBA championship with the Mavericks in 2011, yet Melo and the Knicks are seeking the franchise’s first title since 1973. Still, Kidd sees similarities between Anthony and Nowitzki. ‘Oh, yes, very similar, very talented,’ Kidd said. ‘Demand a lot of attention, so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league, hopefully I can do the same with Melo.’ For his part, Anthony, who has said he’s willing to ‘sacrifice’ his offense for the better of the team, respects and listens to what Kidd has to say. ‘I mean, for me, I want to stay in Jason’s ear,’ Anthony said. ‘Him and Raymond [Felton], just trying to make the game easier for myself out there on the basketball court. We talk every day, just little points, what he sees and what I see and just trying to get on the same page.'”