Jason Terry Hopes Mavericks Will Retire His Jersey

by August 21, 2012

Jason Terry has always expressed his love for Dallas, and has never lacked self-confidence. Jet was celebrated as Maverick, where he helped lead Dallas to two NBA Finals appearances, and of course, one monumental Championship. For his contributions, the 34-year-old swingman said he deserves to have jersey retired in the rafters, and hopes Mark Cuban feels the same way. Via the Star-Telegram: “‘The bow was winning the championship, but the icing on the cake will be putting that jersey up in the rafters,’ Terry told the Star-Telegram on Monday. ‘If it happens, I’ll be grateful.’ By Terry’s estimation, he figures he made enough big shots, played enough major minutes, shed enough sweat, blood and tears, put up enough credible numbers, displayed enough leadership qualities and was such a fixture in the community to join Brad Davis and Rolando Blackman as the only Mavs players to have their jersey retired. Terry, 34, also led the Mavs to the 2006 NBA Finals and helped them win the 2011 championship. In other words, he has built an impressive resume during his eight-year tenure with the Mavs. ‘When you start talking about a jersey in the rafters and stuff like that, he took us to the Finals and was the first point guard to do it, and all those consecutive 50-game seasons,’ Terry said. ‘And then finally winning the championship. The credentials are there. Now whether or not that happens, only God knows.’ Terry signed a three-year, $15 million free agent contract with the Boston Celtics last month. But he wants everyone to know he was more than willing to re-sign with the Mavs, but the Mavs wanted to go in another direction.”