Jason Terry Says the Brooklyn Nets are in ‘Desperation’ Mode

by November 15, 2013

The Nets were supposed to be a juggernaut this season, but so far, they have looked very ordinary. Jason Terry thinks it’s time to get desperate, while his teammates continue to say that things will work out in the long run. Per the NY Daily News: “For us right now, this is desperation,’ said Jason Terry. ‘Everyone that steps on the floor (in the next game Friday against the Suns) should feel desperation and come out and play with a sense of urgency. If you don’t you’ll be looking at another loss. It’s what it is.’ Desperation wasn’t the emotion the Nets envisioned when they came together for a championship run. And to be fair, Terry was the most emotional following Brooklyn’s third consecutive loss. Jason Kidd again talked about ‘the process’ and its pitfalls for the newly formed Nets (2-5). Kevin Garnett credited the Kings (2-5) – who snapped a five-game losing streak – for their lively effort. Deron Williams, limping in the locker room after tweaking his left ankle (not the same one he sprained in the offseason), continued to express his belief that the problems are easy fixes. ‘We need some wins. Like I said, we have to trust each other, trust the system and what we’re doing and we’ll be fine,’ he said. ‘We’ve got some things to work on, get better at and it’ll come. It’ll come.’ […] ‘I feel like it’s around the corner, to be honest,’ Garnett said before the game, referring to the moment the Nets start playing well. Apparently Brooklyn turned down the wrong street in Sacramento. Garnett continued his month to forget, scoring just six points while missing seven of his nine shots. He is averaging six points this season, and was benched for the final 20 minutes. […] ‘I’m just feeling real aggressive right now. And that’s just what it is,’ Terry said. ‘When you’re losing, getting your butt kicked, things happen. It’s what it is. I’m not going to back down from anyone. I’m going to challenge myself and my teammates to get after it this next game and everybody play like this is it, like there is no tomorrow. That’s what it is.'”