JaVale McGee Was ‘Shocked’ the Washington Wizards Traded Him

JaVale McGee did not expect to be shipped from DC to Denver this season, as the Trade Deadline move came as a total shocker. The big man does sound happier in Colorado, though. From Hoopsworld: “I was sleeping, taking my pregame nap,’ McGee said. ‘When I woke up, I found out that I had been traded. I had a bunch of text messages from different people and I talked to the team. I was shocked. I just asked, ‘When do I leave?’ […] McGee is enjoying the experience in Denver, where the team expects to win every night and compete come playoff time. ‘This is a great organization,’ McGee said. ‘There are a lot of hard working people here and this organization gives their players everything they need.’ McGee has been productive since joining the Nuggets, averaging 10 points, 7 rebounds and 1.9 blocks through seven games. He insists his best games have yet to come since he’s still adjusting to the new situation. It’s difficult to play with new teammates in a new system under a new coaching staff, especially in a condensed season with limited practice time. Playing in Denver also means that McGee has to adjust to the altitude, which is easier said than done since he has exercise-induced asthma. McGee is on medication and uses an inhaler frequently. ‘The only real adjustment for me has been the altitude,’ McGee said. ‘That’s the only thing and it wasn’t really that tough to get used to. It was hard during my first game, but after that I was good.’ […] While the trade initially caught him off guard, he’s in a better situation now. The losing and negativity is behind him. Instead, McGee is several weeks away from making his postseason debut. ‘It’s definitely a different atmosphere,’ McGee said. ‘It’s a better atmosphere here.'”