Javaris Crittenton Awaits September Murder Trial

by June 30, 2014

Javaris Crittenton is in jail, facing charges for murdering a 22-year-old woman in August, 2011, two other attempted murders and running drugs across state lines. Check out way more about Crittenton in MSNBC’s new feature on the former NBAer.

Crittenton is accused of being the shooter. Lil Tic, a young man connected to numerous muggings of Crittenton in Atlanta, was hanging out with his innocent friend, Pee-Pie, a mother of four. The details of the alleged murder:

A quarter mile away, a black SUV with dark tinted windows quietly crept up Macon Drive. At the apex of the hill, according to court documents, as Pee-Pie handed Lil Tic a lighter for his cigarette, the back window of the SUV rolled down, and a high-powered rifle thrust out into the clear night. Four sharp blasts ripped through the air, echoing down the hill. Lil Tic hit the ground. Someone shrieked. Neighbors scattered. The SUV peeled off, then came back to check who was hit, then sped back down the hill.

These days, Crittenton remains in jail in his hometown of Atlanta:

At Fulton County Jail, Javaris talks to his visitors through closed-circuit TV. His mom, Sonya Dixon, comes by often, and many continue to defend him. They point to the lack of direct evidence, but mostly they hold on to the memory of the kid they once loved. Javaris counts the days until the murder trial, currently scheduled for September, where he’ll be prosecuted by an old familiar face who once watched him win a Georgia state title – the Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, Dwight’s uncle.