Jaw Knocks Lou Williams Out 8 Weeks

by November 27, 2009

This doesn’t sound like it was a lot of fun for Lou to go through. The image he posted online following the procedure certainly confirms that: “76ers point guard Lou Williams underwent surgery Thursday morning to wire together his upper and lower jaws. Williams will miss eight weeks. Early in the first quarter of Tuesday night’s loss to the Washington Wizards, Williams suffered the injury in a collision with Washington forward Antawn Jamison … After a sleepless, painful night in Boston, an X-ray taken of Williams’ jaw initially revealed that fracture. ‘What I wanted was something to numb the pain, something to help with the pain and continue to fight through,’ Williams said of approaching the trainers on Wednesday morning. ‘But you go through the protocol, the X-rays and this and that. And it came back, and there was a big line in my jaw, and that set the alarms off right there.”’