Jazz, Magic Unveil New Logos

by June 15, 2010

Orlando’s new primary logo may not look, well… new. That’s because the star ball is the same — what’s different is the “Magic” wordmark. “The new logo incorporates the Magic’s current jersey wordmark giving a more integrated look. […]The updated look includes the team’s current secondary logo with the iconic star ball for a smooth transition from old to new.” Utah is bringing back the original music note logo, which was the franchise’s primary logo until 1996. The mountain logo will remain the Jazz’s primary logo, but painted in the new navy, yellow, green and gray color scheme. “The new colors reflect an updated version of the team’s original music note logo which dates back to the Jazz’s inception in New Orleans. The music note, which was the Jazz’s primary logo from 1979-1996, now becomes Utah’s secondary logo.”

Orlando Magic logo

Utah Jazz mountain logo

Utah Jazz logo