Jazz, Wolves, Cavs, Clips get new unis

by August 17, 2010

by Lang Whitaker | @langwhitaker

Used to be that NBA teams could reveal new uniforms with fanfare and a big splash. These days, thanks to the internets, the uniforms just as easily leak out there. Such as yesterday, when several teams had their new looks displayed:

• Utah is ditching the baby blue mountains and going back to the old Jazz logo, with a color scheme more reminiscent of the team’s roots in N’awlins.

• Cleveland will unveil their new jerseys tonight, but here’s a sneak peak via a video game, with the word Cleveland now in block lettering. (Alternate jerseys should be in Comic Sans, right? Sorry, too easy.)

• The L-Wolves have ditched green altogether and gone to a “more mature” look.

• The Clippers have made some minor tweaks, including shrinking the team logos and changing the number fonts.