Jeanie Buss Says Only Losers Don’t Want to Play With Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers team president Jeanie Buss doesn’t want anyone on the team who would fear playing alongside Kobe Bryant.

That’s a losing mentality, according to Buss, who was a lot more fired up than Bryant Thursday about the latest round of media criticism.

Buss says the Lakers’ unusual swings and misses in free agency the last couple of summers have nothing to do with Kobe.


“Any free agent that would be afraid to play with Kobe Bryant is probably a loser, and I’m glad they wouldn’t come to the team,” Buss said.


“I read the story,” Buss said Thursday. “I don’t agree with any of it. If there is somebody that’s on our payroll who is saying things like that, I’ll soon get to the bottom of it, and they won’t be working for us anymore.” […] In fact, Buss has a warning for all of Bryant’s detractors: “I have no doubt that Kobe will make people regret ever saying” those comments, she said.


“We made a very good case for [Carmelo Anthony] coming to Los Angeles,” Buss said. “But he’s from New York, he sees a mission. I understand why he chose to stay with New York. I don’t think any of that has to do with Kobe Bryant.”