Jeanie Buss: ‘Luke Walton Is The Lakers’ Coach, Period’

by January 24, 2018
jeanie buss luke walton lakers coach

Allaying concerns that Luke Walton‘s job could be in jeopardy, Lakers controlling owner Jeanie Buss said that Walton is “the Lakers’ coach, period.”

While guesting on ESPN x Cycle’s “Buckets,” Buss revealed that Walton will remain the coach in L.A. through the offseason (starting at 6:38):

Do you trust Luke Walton for the remainder of the season, and also free agency in the summer?


Buss: “Absolutely. Luke Walton is the Lakers’ coach, period. There’s no worrying about it, there’s no speculation.


“He’s done a terrific job. He is somebody that the entire front office, the organization is behind.”

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