Jeff Teague is Living in His Parents’ Basement

by July 14, 2016

After being traded from Atlanta to Indiana this summer, Jeff Teague decided to move back into his parents’ crib.

The former All-Star says he’s crashing in their basement for the upcoming season.

Teague, 28, actually bought the house for his folks a few years ago.

Per WNDE-AM 1260 (via Sporting News):

After being traded to his hometown Pacers this offseason — he’s from Indianapolis — Teague decided to shack up in his parents’ basement instead of finding his own place. And likely to his parents’ chagrin, he plans on stay “the whole year.”


“I bought a home here some years back, and when I re-signed back with Atlanta [in 2013] I just decided I was going to live in Atlanta and just gave the house to my mom and dad,” Teague said. “Now I’m going to live back in my old house with my mom and dad.”


“I just have the basement,” Teague said. […] Teague, who will make $8 million next season, averaged 12.1 points and 5.2 assists per game in seven seasons with the Hawks.