Jeff Van Gundy: Warriors Can Reach ‘8-to-10 Straight Finals’

Jeff Van Gundy can’t image the Golden State Warriors not representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals for the forseeable future.

JVG predicts that the Dubs—currently in the Finals for the third straight time—will be in the title round eight-to-ten consecutive years.

Van Gundy also thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t have a shot against the Warriors this time around.

Per Sporting News:

“I think when you’re the prohibitive favorite against LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, that means you’re a heck of a team, and they sure are,” Van Gundy said Tuesday on a conference media call. “Just the combination of offense and defense, the talent that they’ve been able to amass, it puts them in position where this is a dynasty to me. They have their youth, their health. I see nothing preventing them from going to eight to 10 straight Finals. It will be a massive upset if they’re not there each and every year.”


“I just think the Warriors are just head and shoulders talent-wise above anybody else in the NBA,” Van Gundy added. “Through a confluence of events, they were able to add [Kevin] Durant, and it’s great for the Warriors, great to have a great team.


“Someone’s going to have to step up in the East or in the West if we’re not to see [Warriors vs. Cavs] next year as well. It’s hard to imagine either team not being the heavy favorite next year going into their respective conferences.”

Jeff Van Gundy: ‘I Don’t Think The Warriors Will Be Challenged’