Jennings officially signs in Italy

After many rumors said Oak Hill Academy point guard Brandon Jennings would be heading to overseas to begin a pro career – Jennings proved them to be true. The LA Times reported that Jennings “bypassed the opportunity to be a so-called “one-and-done” player after committing to Arizona, opting to receive immediate payment for his services in Europe rather than attend a year of college before moving on to the NBA. He is expected to attend an introductory news conference in Rome on July 23.

His advisor, former shoe company representative Sonny Vaccaro, negotiated in Las Vegas during the weekend with Virtus Roma General Manager Dejan Bodiroga. Jennings has also retained an Italian attorney, Giovanni Imbergamo, to work with the team.

Vaccaro described the terms as a “three-year, multimillion-dollar” contract with buyout considerations that will allow Jennings to leave the team and make himself availabe for the NBA draft when eligible next year. Vaccaro declined to discuss financial specifics of the contract.

Bodiroga “had a comprehensive plan for Brandon that included specific training and education, tutoring programs . . . as well as media training,” Jennings’ Los Angeles attorney, Jeffrey Valle, said in a prepared statement…”