Jennings Takes Manhattan

by February 05, 2010

by Chris O’Leary/olearychris

It seems like every superstar in the League loves coming to play in New York. LeBron and Kobe circle their MSG dates on their calendars every season, the same way Michael Jordan used to. While an amped up superstar or star-in-the-making in The Big Apple has historically proven bad for the Knicks, it has made for some pretty memorable moments for the fans at the Garden, even if you’re just looking at those players’ feet (these are my personal favs).

Add Brandon Jennings to the list of players who are doing a little something special for New York. When Jennings and the Bucks step onto the floor tonight at MSG, the rookie will be wearing this special all-black, apparently Batman inspired version of his signature shoe from Under Amour, the Prototype 2, The Gotham Blur.

True, you probably won’t get your hands on any of Jennings’ sneaks until later (much later) in 2010. In the meantime, you can build up a nice little photo library of what you’ve seen and liked so far this year. That’s almost as good as having them, right?

Under Armour Prototype 2 all black NYC