Jeremy Lin: 5 Ex-Teammates Asked About Joining Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets might have had the worst record in the NBA last season, but Jeremy Lin says the team’s culture and style of play have attracted interest from players around the League.

In a recent interview with Chinese website, Lin noted that five former (unnamed) teammates texted him during the past season with hopes of joining the Nets.

Roughly translated by reddit user u/C_L_I_C_K:

“I’ll be recruiting. There are already a lot of friends, past teammates of mine, asking if they could join us.


“Last year… I have about 5 of my past teammates already texted me, asking if I could recommend them (to Nets GM Sean Marks) so that they could be traded and play with us.


“I feel like for players, the most important thing is for us to be happy inside. If you enjoy your teammates, your coaches, your environment… I know a lot of players on different teams, they could be winning games, but they’re really unhappy.


“Last year, we didn’t win a lot of games, but our team was really close, coaches treated us really well. Our playing style, we kept passing the ball well, we played for each other. I feel like other players saw this. We were really happy for each other. When my teammates scored, I’d be happy for them.


“Not every NBA team is like this. If you’re playing on a selfish team, I feel it’s really not fun to play with them. So I think other players saw this and hopefully they’ll want to join us.

Lin has played for six different teams over his seven-year pro career, so his list of ex-teammates is expansive to say the least.

Any guesses who reached out to Lin? Let us know in the comments.

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