Jeremy Lin on the Lakers: ‘I Think This Team Can Make the Playoffs’

by December 08, 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers are 5-16 and have lost three in a row. Pretty grim reality, right?

Not according to backup guard Jeremy Lin.

Lin, who wasn’t thrilled with his demotion to the bench, claims that he believes the Lakers can miraculously qualify for the postseason in the brutal Western Conference.

Per the LA Daily News:

“People probably think I’m crazy, but I don’t really care. I think this team can make the playoffs,” Lin said. “I believe in that and I know other guys believe in that as well. It’s very early. People will laugh. That’s fine. But I’ve always been a big dreamer and believe in miracles. I feel like God has performed miracles in my life.”


Lin has played with volume scorers, such as New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Houston’s James Harden. But that experience has not fully translated into Lin adapting to (Kobe) Bryant. […] “I’ll go out there and leave it on the floor, everything, and compete and be relentless and not be fearful of criticism or fearful of not playing well or missing shots,” Bryant said. “That’s the same way I want the guys I’m playing with to be, Jeremy in particular. He’s a really good player.”


Lin revealed “it’s no secret” he does not feel comfortable in Scott’s Princeton-based offense. That system entails Lin and Bryant splitting ball-handling duties as well as isolation sets for Bryant. Instead, Lin has reported feeling most comfortable with free-flowing systems in Houston and New York that put a premium on ball movement and outside shooting. […] “That’s not what we have here, but that’s OK. I feel like I’m further in my progress as a player where I can be effective in different ways,” said Lin, who is in his fifth NBA season. “It’s just a matter of seeing what your team has and what is your personnel. A spread run-and-gun, open floor pick-and-roll system might not be what’s best for us given our personnel. It’s just learning to play and be effective within whatever system Coach puts me in.”