Jeremy Lin Says He Heard More Racial Slurs In College Than The NBA

by May 11, 2017
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Jeremy Lin has dealt with racist remarks in the NBA, but he said nothing compares to what he repeatedly experienced while playing in college.

But Lin, while on Randy Foye’s podcast this week, told some harrowing stories from his career at Harvard. Via ESPN:

“I was at Georgetown and there was one dude courtside and he kept looking at me the whole game, saying ‘chicken fried rice’ and ‘beef lo-mein’ and ‘beef and broccoli’ the whole game.


“Then we went to Yale and they were like ‘Hey, can you even see the scoreboard with those eyes?’


“In Vermont — I remember, because I had my hands up while the Vermont player was shooting free throws — their coach was like, ‘Hey ref! You can’t let that Oriental do that!’


I was like, What is going on here? I have been called a c—k by players in front of the refs; the refs heard it, because they were yelling it, [like,] ‘Yeah, get that out, c—k!’


“And the ref heard it, looked at both of us and didn’t do anything.”

In late March, Lin spoke about Asian-American stereotypes, specifically, male Asian-American stereotypes in a group Q+A session.

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