Jeremy Lin Says Life is Much More ‘Peaceful’ This Season

by November 19, 2012

With his move away from New York, the Linsanity phenomenon has died down, and Jeremy Lin is able to lead a (relatively) normal existence on and off the court in Houston. Per the NY Times: “This is life post-Linsanity. For the first time since he burst onto the scene in February with the Knicks, Lin, now a member of the Houston Rockets, looks like just another eager young prospect, diligently working to find his way in the N.B.A. ‘It’s really, really low-key,’ Lin said.. ‘And it’s really peaceful. When I walk around, I don’t wear a hat or glasses or anything — unless I want to.’ It is easy to forget — after all the frenzy and the furor and the fanfare — that Lin is only 24 years old, with 34 starts to his credit, and a vast, unscripted future before him. Those three weeks of brilliant basketball last season (followed by three weeks of merely solid basketball) made Lin an international sensation. But they did not define him, and they will not represent the final word on his career. […] For the modest, soft-spoken Lin, it is surely a healthier environment. As much as he enjoyed his turn on the Broadway stage, Lin is not naturally inclined to seek the spotlight. He turned away countless interview requests and endorsement offers last season, and he recently acknowledged that he ‘went into a shell’ during the height of his fame. ‘I think the beautiful thing about this opportunity is there’s less of a spotlight,’ Lin said. ‘There’s room to grow, room to improve, growing pains, things like that — the stuff that has to happen with each player. I’ve only started 30-something games in three years in my whole career. There’s a lot of sophomores out there with more experience than me. I’m going to have to go through a lot to get better.'”