Jermaine O’Neal ‘Confronted’ Blake Griffin After Loss to Clippers


Both teams deny it, but the Clippers and Warriors have developed a rivalry over the past two seasons. Games have been heated, with Blake Griffin getting ejected when they met on Christmas Day. After the Clippers rolled past the Warriors 111-98, Jermaine O’Neal apparently felt the need to confront Griffin outside the Clippers’ locker room. Per ESPN:

Golden State Warriors forward Jermaine O’Neal confronted forward Blake Griffin in the hallway outside the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room at Staples Center after L.A.’s 111-98 win Wednesday night.

The two had a heated conversation that was quickly broken up by a Clippers official who led Griffin to the adjacent news conference room.

O’Neal, 35, had dressed and was waiting outside the Clippers’ locker room to talk to Griffin.

Griffin, who was walking to the news conference room to take questions from reporters, could be heard telling O’Neal to “leave that s— on the court” before the two were separated and briefly shook hands.

With 8:55 left in the fourth quarter, O’Neal got a technical foul as he walked toward the Clippers’ bench and continued talking to Griffin before O’Neal’s teammates and officials directed him back to the Warriors’ bench.