Jerry Sloan on the Carlos Boozer Situation

Ol’ Jerry is ready to coach Booz following a turbulent offseason: “Sloan, who on Tuesday said he’s been thinking ‘a lot’ about the 2009-10 hoops year, is ready to welcome Carlos Boozer back into the fold, as well. No hard feelings, no crying over milk on the floor, no ill will over his player’s professed love for other NBA franchises. ‘In order to win in this league, you have to have good players,’ Sloan said. ‘And he’s a good player … I could have had hard feelings with Karl Malone if I would have wanted to a few times,’ Sloan said, recalling some of Malone’s infamous offseason rants with former owner Larry H. Miller. ‘My job is to coach whoever walks across this line. That’s all we’ll do is do the best we can and hopefully be a good basketball team.”‘