Jerry Stackhouse, the Permanent Temp

by March 26, 2010

Stack likes being a temporary worker so much, that he may continue to do it until retirement. Reports FanHouse: “Stackhouse, 35, joined the Milwaukee Bucks midway through the season after receiving no offers previously for a guaranteed contract. Stackhouse is averaging 8.1 points for a team that is 23-8 since he first suited up Jan. 20. It’s gone so well Stackhouse is thinking he’d like to continue with this job of being a temporary NBA player. So next season, in order to keep additional wear and tear off his aging body, he might again wait until the campaign is half over to join a team. ‘I might just try to do the same route I did this year,’ said the shooting guard, who signed Jan. 18 after Milwaukee had lost starting shooting guard Michael Redd for the season due to a knee injury. ‘Just kind of catch on, hook on (midway through next season) to rest the legs a little bit longer.”’