Jim Buss Says Lakers Won’t Make Any Major Roster Changes This Summer

by June 20, 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers are entering yet another tumultuous offseason, and to the chagrin of legions of Purple & Gold fans, the guy in charge (Jim Buss) – who continues to come under fire from people he used to employ — says the team likely won’t be making any major roster changes this summer. Per the LA Times: “TV analyst Magic Johnson has called out Lakers honcho Jim Buss, while also wondering in a tweet why Kobe Bryant isn’t doing the same every day. In online excerpts from an interview Phil Jackson did with HBO, Jackson is asked why Jim Buss has ‘chosen to almost disassemble so much of what you’ve built?’ And now the Lakers don’t have a starting point guard on their roster, with Ramon Sessions opting out of his contract. […] What are the chances of the Lakers starting the season with Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol all in Lakers uniforms? ‘Very good,’ says Buss. So you don’t agree with those who say the Lakers must turn Gasol into two or three players via a trade? ‘No,’ he says. ‘I think changes are going to be made moving Pau lower to the basket. We can improve that way with a change in coaching strategy rather than a change in personnel.’ No moves? ‘We will try to sign Sessions when the rules allow beginning in July,’ he says. ‘And improve the bench.’ No major free-agent signings, no blockbuster trades? ‘No,’ he says.”