Jimmer Fredette Believes He’s Now Mentally Prepared for the NBA

by September 20, 2012

Jimmer Fredette — who’s currently on a promotional book tour — says that following an underwhelming rookie season, he has improved his game quite a bit this summer. Fredette also claims that his mentality is a lot more suited to the NBA game and life heading into his second year. Per the Deseret News: “Fredette said his summer marriage to Whitney, a former BYU cheerleader, is the best decision he’s made and will help him in the NBA. He says marriage has changed him a lot and having a partner to share his ups and downs will prove valuable. ‘Whitney is an amazing girl and so supportive of me and now when I travel, she can travel with me so I don’t have to go at it alone and don’t have to worry about that part of my life and she will be there to support me just like I will be there to support her.‘ Fredette said thinking and worrying about basketball all the time can, sometimes, hurt a player. ‘The last three months has been great and I’m excited in what the future holds. Whitney is the best, she is so kind to everyone, understanding of my schedule and knowing what I have to do. She is supportive, just like I am with her.’ Fredette said his preparations for his second season in the NBA are far ahead of a year ago with a minicamp under his belt and knowledge of what he needs to do and what he cannot do. ‘Mentally, I’m more prepared.’ He said he’s worked extensively on his offense and defense, worked to create space and get his shot off quicker and worked on the pick-and-roll — a play he must master at that level. ‘I’m working on making floaters and other things that have to be a part of my game. I’m better than a year ago, my skills are better and I’m excited about the season and being part of it.’”