Report: Jimmy Butler Recruiting Kyle Lowry to the Timberwolves

During Jimmy Butler‘s introductory press conference with the Timberwolves, Butler said that he would be recruiting “a lot of really good players, much better than myself” to join him in Minnesota.

Butler was already “in the ear” of Kyle Lowry about joining him in Chicago, and—according to SiriusXM’s Mitch Lawrence—Butler is continuing to recruit Lowry to the Timberwolves (starting at 39:45).

Via the Dan Barreiro Show on KFAN:

“I had found out through sources, that by getting Jimmy Butler, the Timberwovles are now saying, You know what, we can do better than Ricky Rubio at point guard because Jimmy Butler is going to help us land attractive free agents.” […]


(44:08) “[Butler] has talked to Kyle Lowry through their Team USA association about coming to Chicago.


“Now I heard he’s working on him about coming to Minnesota.”

During the press conference on Thursday, Butler confirmed that he’ll be actively recruiting players to join the team in Minnesota (starting at 1:21).

“I’ll be talking to a lot of really good players, much better than myself, and get them here to join what we have. I know that with the support I’ve already felt from this city that they’re definitely going to love it.


“Getting here, with this young core, winning these games, anybody is going to want to be a part of that.


“Now it’s all about getting the right fit to fit with these guys.”

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