J.J. Redick Wants to Start in Orlando

by July 20, 2010

Redick knows it likely won’t happen this year, but he knows that with Vince Carter entering the last year of his deal, his time could soon be at hand. From the AP: “The former Duke standout is getting more than $19 million for the next three seasons to remain with the Magic, the same team that once benched him. Now with Vince Carter signed for only one more season, Redick will likely have the opportunity in the coming years to be a starter. ‘I think I can start on a lot of teams. I don’t think I’ll start on this team (now), and I’m OK with that,’ Redick said Monday. ‘I’d be lying to say that I don’t want to start at some point.’ Redick has maintained since the season ended that he wanted to return to the Magic, where he’s become a fan favorite — included to Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. But it’s also a place where, for now, he’ll have to come off the bench. ‘The way I look at it is we have Vince Carter. Vince has caught some flak, I mean, he still put up good numbers,’ Redick said. ‘He’s not the player he was when he was 25, I don’t think he would argue that. But he’s still a really good shooting guard.’ Next year will be a big season for Redick Carter is in the last year of his deal, and it’s unlikely Orlando — a franchise deep into the luxury tax — will keep him. So that gives Redick a chance to continue to improve, with the opportunity that he could be more than just a reserve.”