Joakim Noah: ‘Congratulations to Cleveland. Even Though It’s Not a Vacation Spot’

Joakim Noah continues to wage a hilarious war with Cleveland and its basketball fans.

Noah and the New York Knicks will be on hand as the Cavs receive their championship rings tonight, and the big fella still hasn’t developed any fondness for the city.

Cleveland and LeBron James have, for years, stood between Noah and his NBA title dreams.

Per the NY Daily News:

The Knicks center who once declared, “Cleveland really sucks” and “every time I look out my hotel window, it’s depressing,” was asked Tuesday if he saw any irony in being in the building for the Cavaliers’ ring ceremony. […] “I don’t think it’s ironic,” he said. “Congratulations to Cleveland. Even though it’s not a vacation spot, you guys got your championship.”


Cleveland and, to a larger degree, LeBron James has tortured Noah and Derrick Rose throughout their careers, with King James knocking out the Bulls from four of their last six playoff appearances with the Cavs and Heat. During one of those series defeats – when James was still in his first go-around with the Cavs – Noah first expressed his feelings about the working-class Ohio city.


“I don’t know about this place, man,” Noah said. “I just stayed in my hotel room. Every time I look out my windows, it’s pretty depressing here man. It’s bad. It’s bad. No — no going out in Cleveland, man. It’s all factories.”

Joakim Noah: ‘Cleveland Really Sucks’