Joakim Noah Criticizes Cavs Fans for Anti-LeBron Chant

Last week, Cavs fans unimaginatively yelled “Scottie Pippen” at LeBron James while he torched their team. Joakim Noah, no fan of Ohio himself, tells the Daily Herald that he was less than impressed: “Noah took exception to the Cavs fans invoking the name of Bulls legend Scottie Pippen in an effort to taunt departed star LeBron James. Fans chanted ‘Scottie Pippen’ during the game. ‘They took a cheap shot at one of our Hall of Fame guys, at Scottie Pippen,’ Noah said. ‘I didn’t really like that.’ Sure, Noah understands the idea behind the chant, that James will never be a Michael Jordan, one of the all-time greats. Instead, he chose to be sidekick to Miami’s Dwyane Wade, the way Pippen played wingman for Jordan. At this point, though, James is still looking for his first NBA championship. Matching Pippen’s six would be a dream come true for the Akron native. ‘You guys are waiting for this moment for five months and you guys are chanting, ‘Scottie Pippen,’ a Hall of Fame player with six rings? Like that’s a bad thing? Come on, now,’ Noah said.”