Joakim Noah Promises to Always Taunt Philadelphia Sixers Fans

The Chicago Bulls pulled out an emotional victory over the Philadelphia Sixers last night, a small measure of revenge after getting eliminated from the Playoffs last season by the Sixers following Derrick Rose’s knee injury. No one enjoyed the victory more than Joakim Noah. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “With or without Rose, the return to Philadelphia since losing to the 76ers last season in the playoffs was ‘special’ in a different way. At least for center Joakim Noah. Not only did Noah score a team-high 21 points, but he taunted 76ers fans at every opportunity. ‘I thought about it all summer; I just couldn’t wait to come back here,’ Noah said. ‘When I went down last year [with an ankle injury in the playoffs], people cheering and stuff, I felt like that was real disrespectful, and it was definitely motivation for me to work even harder this summer.’ And his days of taunting Philadelphia fans didn’t end Wednesday, either. ‘Yes, no question,’ he said when asked if he was intentionally playing the villain. ‘And I’m going to do it for the rest of my career every time I come back here.'”