Joe Alexander Wants a Trade

by November 19, 2009

Who? Exactly: “Alexander was asked if he believes that means the Bucks could deal him as the February trade deadline approaches. ‘They made it pretty clear that they don’t see me having a future here,’ said Alexander, the No. 8 pick in the 2008 draft who averaged 4.7 points last season as a rookie. ‘So I’m assuming a trade would definitely be one of the options.’ Alexander then was asked if he would welcome a trade. ‘I mean, yeah,’ he said. ‘If they don’t want me, if they don’t see a future with me here, that really is the only other option.’ Alexander missed all of training camp and has sat out the first three weeks of the regular season due to a right hamstring problem. He expects to return in three to four weeks, and anticipates some time after that to have a talk with Bucks brass about wanting to be moved. ‘When the time comes, that conversation is going to happen,’ Alexander said. ‘Exactly what it’s going to entail and all the details, I can’t say for sure right now. But it’ll probably happen.”’