Joe Johnson Not Worried About Early Season Struggles

by November 12, 2012

Joe Johnson and his massive contract haven’t exactly lived up to expectations in Brooklyn so far — Johnson is averaging 13.6 points a game, shooting just 36% from the field — but the Nets guard says he’s unconcerned at the moment. From the Star-Ledger: “The adjustment hasn’t been that hard, to be honest,’ he said, referring to the new city, new team and new role that defines his five-game season. ‘Because in the end, it’s just basketball. And right now, it’s just about developing chemistry and all that stuff.’ That is irrefutable. Stuff takes time — even the most gifted player needs months to show efficiency in a system-oriented sport, and 11 laps around the NBA playground has taught Johnson that you never panic when your numbers flat-line as they have of late. […] ‘There’s a possibility that Joe can average 22 points a game for us, or he can average 16,” Nets head coach Avery Johnson said. ‘Was this his most efficient game? No. But he’ll get there. He’s playing with Deron Williams, he’s playing with Brook Lopez. After 10 or 20 games or so, 40 games, I’ll see what his efficiency number should be, and that’s going to be our target, and we’ll get there.’ Presumably, the target is not 13.6 points on 36 percent shooting.”