Joe Johnson Thinks it Won’t Take Long for the Nets to Win a Championship

Newly-minted Brooklyn Net Joe Johnson continues to talk up a storm before a single dribble has been taken. After claiming that Brooklyn has the best NBA team in NYC — an unpopular stance among Knicks players — Johnson tells the NY Post that it shouldn’t be very long until Nets fans are celebrating an NBA championship: “Q: Why did you say the Nets are better than the Knicks? A: ‘The Brooklyn Nets have to have swag, and it starts with confidence. You can’t go out hoping and wishing, but you have to know and feel that way before you take the court. I think we should all feel that we’re a pretty good damn team.’ Q: How long will it take for you to help bring a championship to Brooklyn? A: ‘Honestly, not long. I think we got some great pieces to put us in position to win a title, honestly. … This could be probably the best team I’ve ever played on.’”